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Gentle on Both Human and the Environment

HEALOGY's CBD Skincare oi is 100% natural plant-derived, it is gentle on both humans and the environment. Using only natural plant-derived, non-animal tested ingredients, our inclusive CBD skincare embraces the power of nature. We only manufactures products in small quantities so that our products are always fresh, and carefully produced in Japan with the utmost attention on safety and reliability.
12種類の成分:ホホバ種子油, スクワラン, マカデミア種子油, CBD(カンナビジオール)*, ビターオレンジ葉/枝油, ベルガモット果実油, ユーカリ葉油, ニオイテンジクアオイ花油, ラベンダー油, アトラスシーダー樹皮油, フサヌススピカツス木油, ヒポファエラムノイデス果実油

100% Plant-based

It contains more than 12 types of natural plant ingredients, including Jojoba; a moisturizer rich in nutrients, Squalane (derived from sugarcane), which regulates the skin's barrier function, Macadamia; which prevents dryness, and CBD (Cannabidiol), which can be used to treat pain, autonomic nervous system, and sleep. No animal testing is performed.
Active Ingredients

Skincare is Self-care

HEALOGY's skincare oil is a full-body CBD serum oil that is known for its relaxing effects as well as its beauty and moisturizing properties. After a workout, sauna, or bath, try alleviating daily tension and fatigue with our light-textured, refreshing aroma of botanicals skincare oil.
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Our inclusive CBD skincare products are made in Japan. THC-free product.